Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just quickly before I do dash off, which I am about to do, promise, here is my simultaneous first piece of artwork and first attempt at felting.. Ever! Made entirely from scratch and, for better or worse, hung proudly in my kitchen!

End of week updates

Paul cycled to and from work in Basingstoke on Tuesday. 68 miles total. I cried I was so proud of him. Its silly, but this time last year we were so fat and unfit I could never have imagined either of us on a bike and now look at us. 5 stone shed between us and many many miles on our bikes.

I turn 30 on the 01st June and Paul has a 'party' planned on Saturaday. I say 'party' because I don't actually know. I am light on details and am looking forward to a suprise. On my birthday actual, Paul will be at work so My parents and my sister and coming to take me and kidlets out to lunch.

This week has seen me attack the veg patch and there isn't a weed on site. We are eating spinach, lettuce and rocket every day and there doesn't look to be any running out. My peas have pods in the flowers, and my beetroot are growing nicely. Carrot tops are looking bushy and Bebe ate the first ripe strawberry of the year yesterday - straight off the plant without telling anyone! I have back filled with seeds in all the holes where the originals didn't sprout and I'm hoping to for continuous cropping..

I had my last assignment back this week too, I got an 'A-' so I was thrilled. I have another assignment all but done for writing up, and as Paul is out tonight, I can't decide if I should write that up and hand it in to feel smug, or do some more felting.. I have a feeling felting might win!

Speaking of crafty things, I had a go at scrap booking on Tuesday. I did a little 6 week course offered by sure start (free creche!)and the last session was a go at scrap booking. Really enjoyed it and may give it a go again.

Ok, so its the kidlets bed time and I have an evening to enjoy (with icecream!) so I'll make tracks x

Monday, May 24, 2010

Really opting in this time!

Lets pretend 9 months haven't really lapsed since my last update! I guess the biggest things to happen/come up since last Sept is that we would like another baby, I have lost 3 stone and got fit (what a shocker!), we are having a new bathroom fitted in June (finally!) and we are going to get some chickens by the end of the summer, once all our planned house alterations/ holidays and trips are over.
There isn't really a huge amount to update other than that, I will upload some pics to bring you up to speed and promise to keep at it.