Thursday, September 4, 2014

All change

I think I might have mentioned that my sister had a baby!! I went and met Yvie yesterday, she is a total cutie. I'm so proud of my sister.
Massive thanks to Vikki for taking my kidlets to their first day of school, you're a total life saver VF. Love you xxx
I worked my penultimate shift at Kiddicare today.. So sad to see how little is left of the store! I have LOVED working there, and I'm still a little in denial that's all over.. But it really is, the store closes on Monday and the band of merry (wo)men will all move into new jobs.
I cleaned out my locker today
And helped dismantle signage.. 

I had my first shift at Cycleworld this week. Going forward, I'm going to do school hours on a Tuesday and Thursday, and all day Saturday. I'm the only girl and I was a smidge nervous, so I decided to cycle there (show then I do own a bike and know how to ride it!) that was a big deal too actually, getting on my bike was a bit of a milestone. The journey only took me all of 6 minutes. Result!
I had a great day! They were all really nice to me, I figured out the till and built two bicycles all in my first 5 hours!
I had such a great time that the day flew past and as I swaggered out the door, with them all saying a cheery goodbye... I fell off my bike on the forecourt. CRINGE! Fortunately  nothing but my pride was damaged. 

When I'm anxious and not on the ball, the first thing to suffer is my diet and exercise. 
I've gained 24lbs this summer. I'm finally (f i n a l l y) motivated to sort it. I may be the only girl in the shop, but I do not to want be the fat girl too.
So I'm all over planning my food, using myfitnesspal (username anamcarra) and I will blog about food shortly.

Paul has a new job too! He has been with his current employer for 10yrs, so it was not a light decision. He has gone solo, becoming the director of 'Christie Solutions' and starts a new contract at the end of the month.. I'm so excited for him and the new challenges he is looking forward too.

Thanks for reading Clanettes x x

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My amazing sister had her baby yesterday! Yvie Belle Swanborough was born at 9.24am, weighing 08lbs 01oz. Congratulations to Emily, Daniel and Leif on your new arrival! I'm an Aunty again!!!