Sunday, December 22, 2013


Our annual event involves breakfast, generally pancakes (previously cooked on a hill at a dawn!) and juice this year.

 Then a walk in the woods
 Before coming home to lunch, gingerbread engineering and presents
And today we finished off with a staff only christmas party at my work. The kidlets wore their new Christmas outfits!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


A lovely day today Clanettes! Paul has annual leave, so we went to lunch at 'Jamie's Italian' at Gunwharf key. It was beautiful!
The bugs had their last day of term and as a treat for amazingness this term, we took them bowling. They loved it!! Lochie won the first game and paul won the second.
My lovely day was finished at Elle's house, with Vikki and Becky for Christmas drinks.
The talented Elle had made me boob shaped juggling balls to celebrate and symbolise all the boob related additional work on taking on after Christmas as I move towards my long term goals.
And the amazing Vikki with the poorly carpal tunnel hands had made heart bunting!!! LOVE IT!!
And then as is tradition, we did a little bit of craft whilst drinking a little bit of wine. Pom poms!

Today is Yule. I am working on what we hae been prepped as 'the busiest sales Saturday of the year' - eeeek! But I have tomorrow to look forward to, a family day with the Tippers celebrating Yule. And then it's home to my parents for Christmas!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Clanettes! Another million years between posts! It is manic here, I have been doing zillions of overtime and prepping for Christmas and Paul getting home and School Christmas plays and and and! You get the picture!

Anyway, today we set aside as a Christie Day and we got ourselves a tree - a real one, we left the fake one in the loft this year - and we went to see Father Christmas and we have had a LOVELY day.

In other news, its precisely one year since I 'did' my back. I know I never actually 'did' anything to my back, but it was the 14th December 2012 when I had my friends over for drinks and a shared dinner and as I bent down to my glass away, something twinged and I couldn't move. It seems a life time ago now.

When Paul got back from his 10 day 'Cycling Santas' in support of childhood cancer ride, (which made the yorkshire news we went out on a date - to the gym obviously! Paul is wooing me by teaching me to lift weights - I tell you Clanettes, I was the only girl in a room of buff men.. most off putting, but we had a good evening and a change to talk and catch up. We are going out for dinner next week. Proper wooing.

Thanks for reading x x