Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hyde park

My sister and I went to hyde park in June to see Taylor Swift in concert, and quite apart from the afternoon we spent together and seeing Taylor, we both agreed that Hyde park was pretty cool and we'd like to come back with our kidlets and anyone else who would like to be a part of it.

Yesterday we took the children and my mum there on the train and we had a lovely lovely day.
We hired some borris bikes, which I adore, we went to the 07/07 monument, the princess diana water feature, had ice cream and ran around.

And then we came home and had cake and champagne to toast Yvies 1st birthday.

Paul was away on a training course this weekend, but he was there in spirit through skype

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mind AND body

In the few posts I made before radio silence at the beginning of the year, I made reference to my mental state, and my depression. This is something I have really struggled with this year. I weaned myself off my original pills, because I thought that's what I should do and I crashed. I am now taking different medication, prescribed for anxiety with the bonus of mood lifting a happy side effect, after trail and error I have finally found a good dose and am feeling in control again. Settled.
In the midst of being crazy, I have gained a lot of weight. A LOT. I am bigger than I was three years ago when this little blog started. I have realised that you can't do it all, I can only work on one thing at a time. So now I'm feeling settled in my head, I have a plan for getting my physical well being in order, starting on Tuesday 01 September.. The Bers! 
In the mean time I have been browsing for inspiration, I love a good meme.
My basic plan entails moving more and eating less. Simples. Ahem.
More on that next time xxx

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello there

Hello Clanettes

Its a horribly wet and windy Wednesday at the end of a wet August and I'm sat here with the urge to blog. I considered starting a new blog and wiping out the writing gaps, starting a fresh new and shiny record of family life but I couldn't think of an appropriate way to do that. So here I am.

Writing to fill gaps is pretty overwhelming because I feel the need to fill them with glitter and rainbows, but I'm not going to do that peeps. Instead I'm going to share a few photos for the last, lost, 8 months and then we're going to move seamlessly on. Kay.

Niamh turned 4
Lochie completed his first triathlon and smashed it
The girls had haircuts
Paul and me, dressed as a wench out for a friends birthday
My birthday
Away with VF
London for Taylor Swift, with my sister
Holibobbles in Cornwall
Leif, my nephew, came to stay
School shoe shopping

I have lots to say, but we are going to take this slow Clanettes.
Stick with me, Im getting there, prom prom xxxx