Friday, May 30, 2014


We went camping for the first bank hol in May. The weather was cold at night, we woke up to frost on the second morning, but the days were glorious and warm - perfect!
What I love most about camping is that we come away from all technology and have to interact with each other. The kidlets have to PLAY! Secondly, I LOVE THE FOOD!! I love making bread dough and cooking rolls on the fire, I love experimenting with the cooking and how social it is. We even made rolls this time, then filled them with cheese and tomato inside the pie-iron and made paninis. The effort and reward of campfire cooking is soothing for the soul!! Lochie got involved with cooking this time too, and under close supervision was allowed to light the fire. We had a great weekend with our friends.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Clanettes!! This is another of my awkward post large gap in posts, post.. It's been a few weeks since my last update and I apologise. Things have changed slightly at home and my nearest and dearest (not the same ones as last time!) didn't want me to necessarily talk about what I'm about to talk about, but you know, sometimes you have to talk about taboo subjects. 

Two things this week have made me decide to broach the subject I'm about to, eventually, get round too. 

The first one was a story over in the US, a chap called Micheal Sam got drafted into some major league sports something or other and during the live feed of this draft announcement, he kissed his boyfriend. I've seen it, my kids have seen it, and we have all agreed that it's nice footage of a man celebrating an achievement with his boyfriend. But woah the backlash in America!! I've watched a YouTube clip of some women on a talk show (similar to 'loose women' in the UK) and they got into such an argument over the rights and wrongs of the footage that one of them stormed off set. Seriously, in this day and age?! Is gay kissing really a taboo subject?

The second thing this week, is that it's national mental health week. If you can't talk about taboo subjects during their national week, when can you?

We're had a lovely few weeks, we went camping, Bebe turned 6 and we had a lovely party, I was offered (and turned down!) a new job (they even rang me back twice!), I've had tonsilitis and been shown just how grown up and amazing my children are when it comes to 24 hrs of needing them to look after themselves a bit. The weird thing is that I can look back at all of it and appreciate it and see it and cherish it, and still be removed from it.  When I went to see the dr for my tonsils, I alway got myself a little prescription to help me wade through the muddle in my head. 

The first few days were horrible. I felt very nauseas and light headed, even spacey maybe and I decided that these tablets were not for me. After nearly two weeks I feel so much better. About EVERYTHING!  

One of the other things I have admitted in the last couple of weeks is that my back isn't right. I mean it really isn't right. Old 'catch' pain not right. I haven't been able to understand how I was supposed to blasély 'move on' or accept 'a trade off' when actually it's going down hill at a rate of knots.. Even though I've known it's not right, you listen to your consultant when he tells you it'll be perfect in a year, or you listen to your family who have been through similar and accept that this is just what it feels like to be fused.. Life moves on, people want and need and expect you to be better, no need for a fuss anymore, the surgery was so long ago now Sarah, time to move on.. Quite easy to see how I've got myself into such a muddle really. I have a lot to talk to my counsellor about when that starts up next week!

I'm not sure how to describe what the tablets are 'giving' me. But I feel so much calmer, my anxiety is more manageable and I am able to live in the moment a bit more. Panic less. Not be so quick to anger. Relax almost. The only thing that still eludes me is sleep. Ah sleep. You rare thing, you precious, taken for granted, wotsit thing you. How I miss you!

So there you go... Taboo. Mental health. Anti-depressants. Just words.

Thanks for reading Clanettes, I've got some lovely posts full of lovely photos to show you over the next few days xxx