Monday, August 26, 2013


Today saw me embark on the C25K (couch to 5k) for the second time - the first time I completed it I went on to enjoy running and consider myself a runner with my fastest 5K being 32mins and my longest distance being 9K.

I haven't done any running proper this year. I physically couldn't run pre or post surgery - although I have attempted lots of the little bursts on the treadmill to no joy.
Having written about being at a good point yesterday, I got up this morning and decided to have a go at a road run - my first attempt this year. Whilst my fitness is great, I need to retrain my skeleton to run with its new metal addins.
So day 1, week 1 C25K it was! It felt great!! Wether it was because I was outside or because of my new birthday barefoot trainers or because I'm simply well enough, I don't know but everything clicked into place and worked and felt good and I LOVED IT. I love running. I love the endorphin high that only running brings. I miss running. I am envious of my friends who are still doing it and I want it back!

So watch this space!! This mornings session proved my fitness is fine (a far cry from the death I suffered doing it the first time!), my legs are strong and I am raring to go - I just need to keep it steady and pace myself.
Words synonymous with Sarah, surely!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Its 5 months today since I had my spine fused and I feel like I am finally in a place where I can see it was worth it and say that I would do it all again. My quality of life is at a point where if I had to stay like this for the rest of my life I would be happy - its not where I was this time last year, or where I hope to be again, but I'm not in a bad place and I could live like this without many complaints.

I finished the 3 day detox last week, and I am now 10lbs lighter than I was. Tomorrow is 14 days since I last had diet coke, squash, coffee and overly processed food. I have just invested in some wheatgrass and spirulina powder to ramp up my morning juices. I think my skin looks great and I feel good - I feel healthy! Zesty! Pleased with myself!
It was hard at work yesterday. I didn't take enough food with me and I stood in the cafe, waiting for the hot water I had requested for my herbal tea bag looking at the cakes and dreaming of coffee. I didn't get any, I don't need it right now. I'm not saying never, I'm just not right now.
I have been making plenty of time for the gym and the turbo, and I hope to get back out on my bike with Emma this autumn. 
The only thing I feel disappointed with is running. Running has become my nemesis. This thing that I couldn't and wouldn't do, that I did and grew to love, and that I still can't get back to. Yet.
Last weekend we went to stay with my parents straight after work. Paul wanted to to do a run through of the Ironman route and so he and my dad went out on their bikes, whilst my mum took me and my sister out for breakfast and to feed the ducks.

Speaking of cycling with Emma, she held an exhibition this week and displayed some of her paintings. It was fab Emma! Well done!
A colleague of Emma's had done some clay pieces that held huge significance for me and I would love to have the opportunity to ask her what inspired her to make a spine and a spine fused with metal!

We also spent a lovely morning at Bursledon windmill this week - an interactive 'wind in the willows' story session.

Sorry for the delay in posts this week Clanettes! Its been a crazy one, lots of appointments, sewing and working.
Thanks for reading xx

Friday, August 16, 2013

Juicing (post detox)

So. At the time of writing it is the morning of day 4, I completed my 3 day detox yesterday. I feel good this morning!! I feel pretty smug actually, I chose a plan and I stuck to it, even when it got massively ropey on day 2! I prepped my day well enough yesterday to allow me to go shopping and spend the day in town/swimming lessons/at work and still have my smoothies.
The rewards? Well, not only am I no longer addicted to diet coke and coffee and squash, not only am I over my love of artificial sweetener, not only do I feel amazing but I've lost 9lbs!! 9 POUNDS IN THREE DAYS! N I N E  POUNDS!!!

I really really struggled with making the kidlets meals and not 'picking' as I went. I really struggled with my conscience yesterday too - there is a new health food co-op in town (Rice up) and I dragged the kidlets round Southampton so long trying to find the store (eventually I rang Paul and he talked us there using googlemaps on his work pc!) that I promised them chippies after we had been to the new shop. So I'm in the health food shop, I'm choosing some wholewheat pasta, some brown rice noodles, this and that.. and all they can talk about is burger king afterwards!! I need to change their perceptions of food too!!! Plus I prepped all my food to allow me to stay on plan and neglected their requirements, bad mother!

So now I have to decide how to eat going forward. I'm a completely blank slate right now, my body doesn't require any stimulants and I am 'clean'.

Another blog I mention here is Weight Wars and yesterday Bec wrote a post about 'What I will eat'. Did you write this for me Rebecca? This is just what I need to do!!

Coming off the detox, and being massively inspired by the Juice Master (ha ha! That sounds crazy!) here are my 4 golden rules whilst I figure out what I am going to eat going forward:
1) Eat whole wheat / whole grain carbs
2) Avoid refined sugar where possible
3) Avoid artificial sweetener as much as possible
4) Avoid caffeine - bye bye diet coke and coffee.

My diet needs to be family friendly. I can't do the health food shop/burger kind scenario again, and I need to be feeding my children food that I wouldn't mind snacking on - I just need to find the balance!

Making a change is scary - I hate not knowing what to eat and flailing around. Ultimately though, I feel like I have made a positive step and this is the way forward. I just need to make it work.

Thanks for reading x x

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Juicing! (Detox day 2)

At the time of writing, I am at the end of day two of the three day detox. Today has been hard!! If 'grey' is a state of being, then I am the head of state - the queen in fact!! 

I struggled so much this afternoon that I actually had a nap. It’s hard to describe and give justice to the feeling of a detox, partly because I think everyone experiences them differently and partly because behind the pain, I feel like I am doing something hugely positive.
My main symptom is a headache, its a tight pain behind my eyes - I feel very hung-over.

At the gym last night, Lucy lent me another of Jason Vale's books - Turbo charge your life in 14 days. This book is a real eye opener. I embarked on this detox to lose some weight and kick my caffeine dependence, but then through reading, I started realising that I am (was!) hugely addicted to artificial sweetner too. Then when I consider that actually I am ridding my body of everything that is fast and convenient in today’s world.. And the eating opportunities ahead of me are vast.

Tomorrow is going to be easier - I hope! I have eating decisions to make going forward. I knew I had big decisions to make this afternoon when I cringed about making the rest of my family the pizza I had promised them..

Anyway. At this point Clanettes, I am a worn woman! I am waiting for the high that I am assured will come.. I am ready for bed and the delight of waking up on day three, knowing I am going to complete my self imposed detox. Hopefully the worst is behind me now, tomorrow is the home straight - I love things in threes, triathlon analogies galore!

Today’s favourite smoothie juice was:


Come day three!! DO YOUR WORST! Ahem. Tomorrow I am going to Ikea for some shopping.. with flasks of prepared smoothie!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Juicing (detox!)

I have embarked on a 3 day juice detox. My friend Rachel gave me a juicer (she was throwing it away) a few months ago and it has just sat and gathered dust.. Then Lucy mentioned that she wanted to have a detox and she settled on a juice plan by Jason Vale - the 'Juice Master'. Lucy did her detox and together with the Jason Vale website, I am sold on the power of juice.. Plus the fact that I haven't been able to get under 14st since surgery and am now plus another 7lbs following our two week trip round the UK.. So I am currently hopefully cleansing myself of waste and weight!

I bought a copy of the 'Keeping it simple' book (and downloaded the detox app for my phone.)
The 'shopping list' for the 3 day detox consists of:
Plus additional  avocado and some natural live yogurt - I don't know why it isn't included on the list.

So I start every day with hot water and lemon - surprisingly tasty - goes well with my yoga too.

Today's breakfast juice consisted of:

This is what it looked like going through the juicer

Then I blended the avocado with ice, and poured in my juice for a bit more blending

Super tasty!!

I love how the pulp looks after a juice is made - its mostly dry like sawdust

I get four juices a day on the plan, 3 of those contain avocado to keep cals and good fat in there, and unlimited water/mint tea/hot water and lemon... At the time of writing its the end of day one and I have a headache brewing... I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jelles Festival

Elle and Johny got married... Then a couple of years later they wanted a more personal ceremony and party.. So they organised a festival and asked Paul and I to handfast them.. Which we did last Saturday. It was a glorious day - I hope it was everything they wanted. It was our fourth ceremony! A growing collection of happily marrieds under our belt!!

When Lucy and I went to glasto we sourced and bought altar supplies - I love that you can mock up an altar in Glasto, whilst drinking your latte and no one bats an eyelid!

Whilst camping last week we updated my dress (It was out dated and very 'pagan' - it needed a spruce!) and made corsages to match the altar - not sure what our fellow campers made of that!

And this is how the Christie Clan scrubbed up on the morning of the wedding! Gorgeous if you ask me!

Lochie won a prize for the best dressed child! He was amazing and so patient - folding and sorting, and pinning and wearing a Great Kilt is no mean feat - for man or boy!

The ceremony was not as pagan as we have done in the past, but it was fun and we had great feedback - win win!

Altar post ceremony

View of the festival from the ceremony area

There was a falcon display and we all got super excited to hold the birds

Then the afternoon was spent eating glorious food, chatting with friends and enjoying the party!

The happy couple!

Dave was the official photographer

I had feathers in my hair (which I am still sporting! The gold glitter is long gone) and my nails done especially for the occasion

It was a terrific day, a lovely lovely event and we were very happy to be involved.
Massive thank you to Lucy for all your creative input, couldn't have done any of it without you!

Happy handfasting ERD!! JRD!! Enjoy your honeymoon xxxx