Sunday, August 4, 2013


For my birthday (June, a while ago now, I do realise!) I wanted to go to Glasto with Lucy, have a girly road trip and feed my soul. At that point I didn't feel fit enough to drive there and do the Tor and get out of it what I wanted, so we postponed my birthday treat.This week we went and spent 36 hours sampling the delights of Glasto and I adored being with Lucy - growed ups who have time to drink coffee.
My favourite surprise of the trip was stumbling across an 'Embrace' exhibition from my favourite artist (My fave because she specialises in mythical goddess art - among her fave animals are bears, badgers and hares!) Anyway. We went up to see her exhibition and after a while of looking round I asked the lady 'manning' everything for a couple of prints and she got chatting about the art and after some amazing conversation it turned out the lady I was busy gushing to, about my love of the animals she draws was none other than Wendy Andrew herself. In particular, she has done a new painting, where a woman with a mythical bear surrounding her, is breastfeeding a baby who has a mythical hare surrounding the baby..AMAZING... Maybe she knew me already! I shall always remember that - and the next new art she produces that includes a bear, badger or hare, I shall secretly think is dedicated to my children!!
See her work here -
A selfie in the pub - always a must!
An early morning jaunt up the Tor.
Nice and sweaty! There is no way I would have managed the steep walk in June, I'm so pleased we waited.
And then back to our B&B (Parnsips B&B if you're interested) for well earnt breakfast!

Thank you Lucy, I loved our mini holiday. Love you xxx

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