Saturday, August 10, 2013


So we went camping Clanettes! Four days and 3 nights at the Sus centre in petersfield. We have been there before (see here at the end of this post) and we LOVE it. Generally speaking we go twice a year, but this was and is our only camp this year. We go with our friends The House family and The Tippers, and anyone else who fancies joining us.

We particularly like the sus centre because it is safe. It is friendly. It has solar showers and composting toilets. And because of the camp fires - providing warmth but also food. I ADORE cooking on an open fire. I have deliberately omitted any foodie pics here - I will do a separate post dedicated to campfire food!

This trip seemed easier - the kidlets are getting bigger and more self  reliant, they go into the brush and play hide and seek, they go to the loo by themselves and get water from the tap.. A far cry from the heady days of camping with a 4yo, a 3yo and a newborn..! These days Paul and I get downtime.. WOW!

Anyway. The high lights of our four day stay in pics.
Enjoy xx

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  1. Lovely! Marshmallows over an open fire ... I think it's been about 15 years since I've done that!