Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving on

Ah Clanettes. What a time lapse eh. I last posted from Scotland, and now I write from the Isle of Wight. A holiday sandwich!

To say I've had a time of it in the last 6 weeks, is to understate it, but I'm feeling a little more in control now. 

The Kiddicare store where I work is closing and I am being made redundant. I had major anxiety about it. The job is more than a job, it was my life support, my aim post surgery last year, it was my crutch during quiet days, it was my purpose and my colleagues are my friends. The thought of it not being there frightened me. I totally panicked. But I'm excited to say that I have found a new job, in a bicycle shop no less. They are giving me my own perfect hours and they are as excited to finally have a woman on the team as I am excited to be dealing with bikes and cycle mad people. This lady knows bike mad men!

I've been back to the hospital and had confirmation that my back isn't (wasn't) right. I'm not crazy!! Ok, I am, but you totes know what I mean. One of my screws was too close to a nerve, and I've since had an injection into the nerve. It has taken a while to settle, but it is so much better.

There are lots of life updates on the children and on Paul. So much to talk about.

I'm back peeps, don't worry x x x