Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 in pictures

Some shots of my favorite bits from the last week!

 My sister slinging my nephew
 Me slinging my nephew + drinking champers with my sister = glorious!


Thank you Dan and Emoose's, a lovely Christmas Eve, love you x x

Christmas lunch - just the main courses
 Christmas day walk
Home in time for pudding and a digestif or two - aka post dinner drinky-poo's!
Mini Danbows!
Grappa - eat your frozen grape, down your shot, eat the dark choc. Devine.. I managed 4!
 Whiskey.. I managed a sip..!
Before I fell asleep!
Thank you to Nonee and Gan Gan for a lovely Christmas and for taking such good care of us, as you always do. I love you both very much x x

 My Father-in-law and I cut a rug in festive jumpers
 Grandpa and Aunty Claire with the Kidlets
Everyone brought 1 gift for a secret santa and it was pot luck - I was delighted to randomly choose and open a brownie making machine!
and even more delighted with Paul's secret santa gift!!

I wish you a happy new year. Thank you for sticking with me this year and reading of our exploits. I look forward to 2013, another year full of new memories, laughter and lots of achievements.

Happy New Year Clanettes x x

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sum it Up on Sunday - for the whole year too!

Last summary of 2012 Clanettes, so naturally I had to go B I G!! Lets start with this week...

Christmas eve - 'rest' day

Christmas day - I may have been tucked up inside drinking alcofrol, but Paul was in the game!

I won't keep taking pics of my turbo sessions, don't worry, but I thought these were good for interest. This is me taking a pic of me, looking at my reflection as I see it, in the shed window! (Yes, I am wearing my sweat band!)Then there is the bike towel, known as the 'bike thong' (no really, that is the brand!) to catch the sweat and save the bikes paint work from corrosion.

Gym and swim with Lucy. Cept I didn't gym, just swam 20 lengths and then went to Lucys for a much needed Thai Massage (description here). 
Oh Clanettes, I will admit to you that I am suffering with my back again. Its been iffy for two weeks now and I am miserable about it - but full of plans. More on that in another post because I have much more exciting things to share below!

'Rest' day - its been a busy week...!

Gym and swim with Lucy. We got to the gym super early this morning, because Lucy has written me a new yoga set specifically to build, support and maintain my back. I felt great after 40 mins of this, so I tentatively did did 5k on a bike, and then sweated my Christmas exploits out on the cross trainer for 20mins. Followed by 30 lengths in the pool.

W/E 30.12.12
Cycle: 16.5 miles (2 x turbo sessions and 1 x gym session)
Run: None - back not up to running right now
Swim:  50 lengths in 2 sessions

Given that this is the last summary of the year, and given that you know how much I love to record everything.. I thought I would try and tally up this years distances.. this proved to be a mammoth task, but I think the following stats are pretty accurate..

Drum roll please....

In 2012, I have: 

Cycled 1571 miles / 2528.5km 

Run (Starting from absolute zero with the C25K in January) 157 miles / 254km

Swam 1642 lengths of my local pool. 1642 x its 25m length = 41050metres.. 25miles / 41.5km

In total, if every distance for each discipline were added together, I have trained my way through 1753 miles / 2821.5 km.. The equivalent of me going to Bulgaria!!! I AM SO BLOODY PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

I DID THAT! I flogged myself, killed myself, bled, sweat, cried and swore my way to those figures and in hindsight, I have loved every single minute of it. The lows and the highs - there have been many.

My summarising prompted Paul to do the same. No surprise really, but his bike miles are amazing at 5562 miles - the equivalent of cycling LEJOG again and then going straight to Turkey! Only 388hrs in the saddle! His running total is 105 miles.

The main thing I have learnt this is year, is that you may as well do it. Whatever it is, just get on and do it (unless its housework!). The time will pass anyway, the miles will clock up, the little ones count as much as the big ones (sometimes more so!) and looking back at accomplishments, is way better than any regrets.

Whatever you aspire to do, or achieve, or be in 2013, is absolutely within your remit.

Get to it x x 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kidlets Christmas Craft

A few pics of the craft the kidlets created as gifts this year - if they made you something, THEY thought about it, THEY chose it and then THEY wrapped it x x
These were actually last years, but I love them so much they have become annual. Tissue paper stained glass windows.
 Lochie concentrating on his sewing task
 Home is where the heart is biscuits
 Iced and ready to gift
 Painting this years stained window decorations

Aunty Claire and Grandpa got a framed picture, that the kidlets had each autographed.

I hope the kidlets remain so actively involved in gift making and giving, as they grow up. I love it and I cherish the time we spend doing it - even if the clear up time is triple, hopefully they'll start on that as they get bigger too!