Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I am having a go with scheduling some posts, so if this works, you will be reading this on Christmas day - assuming you have nothing better to do!


As I often mention, we always swap a Sabbat Wreath with the Tippers to mark the turning of the wheel of the year. At Christmas, my Mum always makes me and my sister a beautiful star shaped evergreen wreath, and then in January she takes it back in, discards the debris and stores the frame for the following year.
Wreath from my Mum
Sabbat wreath from the Tippers - smells amazing!
This year I thought it might be nice to make a festive wreath that would keep forever, and so I made Rag Wreaths. So easy, and very effective I think.

We all helped to make them, Paul reshaped the wire coat hangers for me and helped with stripping the fabric. The kidlets helped knot the strips onto the frame and then I made the finishing touches.
 I used two shades of green for depth, both of which were upcycled duvet covers.
The whole thing is a continuous pattern with red fabric popped in after every 8th knot - I guess you could do it randomly, but thats not in my nature!
Then I used red parcel ribbon to 'lift' the whole thing, to make it shiny and festive and the light really catches on the curls. They worked better than I dared hope for, and actually, I am proud of these - not least that we all got involved in the effort!

By the time you read this, the recipients will have opened them.. fingers crossed!