Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIAW #15

What I ate Wednesday started with... You guessed it...! Porridge and banana!
With 6 days until Christmas, Lucy and I decided it was high time we had a festive treat and we took ourselves out for lunch. Not before we had been for a run though, obvs! Niamh had a nap in the pushchair whilst we ran at a very wet Hill Head. We then got changed and got our nosh on. Yum!
Lucy had a curry, Niamh had fish, chips and peas and I had a butternut squash bake with salad and chips and most of Lucys naan.
This afternoon I had a herbal tea, and I am really enjoying this Chai range. These were a gift from the Good Food show and I have loved trying them.
For tea we had what I term as Cottage Pie (for Paul's sake!) but it is really whatever veg and leftovers I can find, cooked up with tomatoes and topped with mashed potato. Paul has cheese on his. Tonight's was from the freezer and was a mix of quorn mince, pulses and grated courgette - the last one from the garden quite a while ago. Actually pretty tasty!

And remember - ALL herbal tea should be served specifically in a glass cup/tankard, thus making the drink 'special'.  Herbal tea is 'special' because it makes you feel virtuous.  I like to drink out of a glass half pint tankard, so I get to feel like a warrior in a tavern - virtuously obv.!

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