Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sum it Up on Sunday

Hello Clanettes! Normal blog service has been resumed - its all about meeee!

The first half of the week I was still under the blanket of virus and at the start of week 3 I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel well again. The Dr prescribed me some antibiotics and within 24 hrs I was well on the mend. I feel great this weekend! What a relief!

Monday, Tues, Weds, Thursday, 
'rest' days
No exercise on Friday, but I was lucky enough to have some of my friends over on Friday night. Paul was away for his works Christmas Do, so my friends and I all contributed to a meal and cracked open lots of wine and some cherry brandy.

On Saturday Emma and I went out on our bikes and blew the cobwebs away. I really enjoyed the ride and we escaped the worst of the rain! I felt really strong and it gave me hope that a run the following day wouldn't kill me.
On Saturday night Emma and I went to Rachel and Chester's house for their annual Yule Party. We donned dresses and had a fab time - not least because lots of people there hadn't seen me since last Christmas and they were amazing at boosting my ego over my weight loss! Unfortunately though, Rachel has an electronic photo frame, which continuously shuffles pictures.. and their wedding album was on repeat.. Man what a wake up call!!

This morning I dragged myself to the gym - I DID NOT WANT TO GO, but after two particularly indulgent days I didn't really want the extra cals hanging around! I ran 5k on the treadmill, in 33mins and 15secs. I was really frustrated over the 15 seconds but I just didn't have anything faster in me. But on the flip side, I guess after 3 weeks I did well to get into 33 mins. After my run, I swam 20 lengths and came home feeling really good about myself.

W/E 16.12.12
Cycle: 15 miles
Run: 5k treadmill run
Swim: 1 x 20 lengths

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  1. Good job getting back into the swing of things with your workouts :)