Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas craft #1

We always try and make at least part of a gift for family and friends at Christmas, and I love that this is very much something the children are on board with. I can't share everything right now, obviously, because we haven't given all our gifts yet, but the kidlets have been beavering away and we are very excited by the gifts we have to give this year.

Not least is the felt phone cover I made for a secret santa today. Ironically I pulled Vikki out of the hat - its ironic because I would have given her a gift anyway. I was inspired to make her a phone holder a couple of weeks ago because her phone is always being flung about and isn't protected. The owl because she has a lovely owl shaped tea light holder in her kitchen.

Its not perfect - that's the trouble with inventing and modifying ideas as you make them. There are things I would perhaps modify on a second outing - such as the wings, but its full of love and I hope that Vikki will enjoy using it.

What makes me hugely happy is when people take the time and make things for us. Our friend Rachel, the same who had a Yule party this weekend, came for lunch today. She claims to have no creative genes in her body, however look what she made us! We each have a new ornament on the tree, hand made by her. I love love love the time and effort she spent crafting these for us, and they tinkle beautifully.

Thank you Rae Rae x x x


  1. My owl phone case is just beautiful! I love using it everyday, plus Barney has taken a shine to it!!! Thank you so much for my very special and lovely gift xxxx