Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looking forward - sport

Paul and I have been looking to next year and setting ourselves some goals. After 3 weeks out of the game (aka gym!) I am feeling pretty de-motivated and so I really enjoyed our planning session last night - in front of a warm roaring fire, with bacon sandwiches, amazing apple cake courtesy of a visit from my family, in the coziness of our lounge. Win win. (See Vikki, I can own up to the less than virtuous food :-)

I had thought to enter an open water swim triathlon next year, but I have decided that this is perhaps bigger than I want for next year, when my primary goal is still cycling based. My swimming is good, although I maintain breaststroke, and I improve and improve, but it still isn't open water swimming worthy.
To this end I have decided to find a local lesson or two for adults who want to improve their stroke and technique.
I have promised myself that next summer I will endeavour to do some beach swimming.

100 miles in one go, during one sportif is my over whelming urge and goal next year. I love my bike and all the miles I do on her, she is my steed! I have decided to enter the New Forest Spring Sportive, doing the 'epic' route of 86 miles... Eeeeeeeeeeeeek. Let me reiterate. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK. Emma and I booked the 50 mile 'standard' route this time last year and that was frightening. This feels on a par with that. I am further on than I was, I recognise that, but this is 20 miles further than I have done so far and its winter.. Dreaded cycling weather. BUT! Paul and I are gifting ourselves a turbo trainer for Christmas. The shed is fully kitted out and a perfect space for making the best use of a turbo trainer, and this one is our current favorite - although we will wait for the after Christmas sales before committing.
The autumn will see me enter my 100 mile race.. But dates haven't been released yet.

I continue to aim for 5k in 30 mins. My PB still stands at 5k in 33mins. I know that once I get back out there it won't be long before I can achieve it. I plan to maintain my running and vary my distance. 7k is a standard run for me right now, so extending that will be part of my plan. Continuing with my endurance will pay dividends once I get back into brick training come the spring.

Initially Paul and I were very excited about the Festival of Sport, held in September in Cornwall. But the event has been cancelled (plus any triathlon there would have been open water swimming) so I have chosen two other initial triathlons for next year - a local one in Fareham (this years details can be found here, next year hasn't been confirmed yet) and I am going to go back to Henley (see here), now I know what to expect, to see what I can do about improving my time.

Paul's goals include a half distance iron man in August. The event is called 'The Eirias' and he plans to compete with our friend Dylan. A great challenge! My parents have kindly agreed to have the kidlets for two nights, so Paul and I are going to Wales for three days with Dylan and Jo - Jo is his wife, a friend I made when Bebe was born. I have mentioned her blog before, but you should go and check out her amazing feats here. They have four children, so it shall be slightly crazy that we will be without all seven kidlets for two nights! Bring on the wine. Ahem. I mean, bring on the training! Bring on the cheering!

Then in September Paul has entered 'Challenge Henley' which is a full distance Iron Man. C-r-a-z-y distances, not for the faint hearted.

I'm really excited by the initial plans we have made, and I am looking forward to getting back to training this weekend! On Sunday I shall make my come-back. A 5k run followed by a swim. Hasta la vista baby!

What are your plans for next year?


  1. I'm super super bummed about the FofS :( I'm going to have to look for other things but I think running is going to be out for me for a while.

  2. Exciting stuff Sarah - thanks for the mention :-) My plans are to achieve a 10km distance by end Feb. After that, who knows.... my running goals just seem to keep growing, it's very exciting! Cycling - not sure yet, can't do bike thinking until Spring! Swimming - have a few events vaguely planned but not yet entered. Hoping we can do a spot of wild swimming during the weekend of the 3rd August :-))) Very excited for you for next year!

  3. I never said you couldn't, just thought it would be an interesting read ;) sounds all very delicious though! Gotta lurve apple tray bake!!!

    Goals.... Still to be decided. But I will share once set. No where near your epic goals! Good luck with your challenges for next year. I look forward to hearing and seeing all about them!