Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sum it Up on Sunday

Father Christmas came early this weekend and my bike turbo arrived! I already love it!
 Paul setting up Amy for me - relatively easy!
 Fresh faced and ready for action
 My view from the saddle
 Not quite so fresh faced, 10 miles later - I got very hot!
The lovely little monitor that tells me what I achieved - VERY important!

So this week -
(40 x 25m lengths)1k evening swim. I am so delighted that Vikki has joined our Monday evening ladies swim team!

'Rest' day
6k very wet beach run with Lucy and Niamh in the pushchair

Thursday and Friday 
'Rest' days - got some last min Christmas shopping in, and had such a good day! Although I tell you, I am better at a 5k run than a day spent walking round in boots! Did some baking and some babysitting. Thank you for your fabulous company Vikki x x

10miles on my bike turbo in the dry of the shed, whilst the rain and wind howled outside (smug!)

Early morning gym session with Lucy, 3k run, 5k bike and 20 x 25m lengths in the pool 
Here we are on the treadmill this morning, its rather blurry because I was running! I am the tall one on left, Lucy is beside me to the right and then there is a random chap to her right.
W/E 23.12.12
Cycle: 10 miles
Run: 9k mix of road/treadmill running
Swim:  1.5k in 2 sessions

Rather excitingly, I have found and booked a set of 6 swimming lessons which start on the 13th Jan. I have opted for the improver group, so that I can concentrate on technique. Take a look here. I can't wait!

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