Saturday, December 15, 2012


I wanted to take a moment out of normal blogging life to note my disbelief, shock, horror and sadness over the school shooting in Connecticut.

Listening to the radio this morning left me in tears. Since hearing the news I have scoured the internet for all the info I can find and still I can't believe it, even though its true.

Rebecca at Weight Wars has also blogged about her sadness today too, it seems that there is no escaping the fact that a 20 year old man broke into a school and killed 6 adults and 18 children aged between 5yrs and 10yrs old. He had killed his mother before going to the school, and then he killed himself once he was finished with the children.

I drop my own children at school and give no thought to their safety. I am happy and reassured that at 3pm I will collect them and we will go about our afternoon. I can't even begin to comprehend or fathom how you go about dealing with the news that your child was shot dead whilst at school. My eyes fill with tears even now as I type.

My thoughts and condolences are with all the people affected by the tragedy. I urge you to take a pause, to hug your family, to be grateful and to remember that you don't know how long you have with your loved ones.

With lots of love and the brightest of blessings xxxxx


  1. I first heard this shocking news via facebook, so like you I searched the internet for information. And more I searched more awful, horrific information I found.

    I send Emily off to school worried about the fact she might get a cold (as she refuses to wear a coat) or if she might get a bad grade or have an arguement with a friend. I kiss her tell her I love her and that I will see her tonight.... I have never ever considered that this might not happen.

    Emily leaves me most morning around 7.30am when generally Barney is eating breakfast and watching cartoons whilst Livvi sleeps. A normal morning for us.

    I cannot comprehend this tragedy. I read of teachers hiding their pupils... and I wept.

    Last night I said a few quiet words to myself, hoping that both I and my loved ones never experiance such a loss, that America rethink its gun laws, that maybe the names of those lost are more important than the name of the gunman and most importantly that the loved ones and families find some peace.


  2. So devastating -- I hope the families are able to find some peace of heart and mind.
    Life is precious.