Saturday, September 28, 2013


There is nothing like a postitive visit to your consultant to make you feel 'up'! I went and had an x-ray this week, 6 months on, and I have perfect fusion. Conincidentally, a year from having it fitted (see here) I was happy to see my coil still in place - see the 'T' at the bottom of my x-ray! Ha ha!
Anyway. The pain in my hip is nothing to do with my fusion, and can be treated (and actually I think my amazing osteopath has already sorted it.) so I have felt encouraged and more postive to crack on with 'stuff'.

This morning I went for a run, I am nearly finished on week 3 of the C25K.
Then I did my first work commute!  Not even a 5 mile round trip - a massive sense of achievement!

Yesterday I helped Lucy and Dave promote their Nada Sound Therapy business

Niamh continues to astound us with her grasp of the potty.

And I keep being lucky enough to be the only one in the gym! BLISS!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Happy Friday Clanettes! I am writing to you from the elliptical trainer in the gym.
Proud Mummy tonight! Lochie decided he wanted to be on the school council last week. He designed his own poster and campaign, and he was voted in today! He is quite rightly very pleased with himself!

Our apple adventures continue. I am baking with apples, eating the apples, juicing the apples and I have probably given away 20lbs of apples and we haven't made a dent in my loaded trees..  Today I had a go at apple butter, or apple jam. It's gorgeous, and if taste tests come back positive it will make a Christmas appearance.
6lbs of apples in a slow cooker with sugar and spices..
5hrs later it's a bit of brown heaven!! 

Have a good weekend xx 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple cake

Clanettes! I have been shamelessly  avoiding posting. I am in whinge city with a poorly hip and I thought my amazing Osteopath had fixed it last week, and whilst he improved it, he hasn't really fixed it. Now my consultant has called me in for an x-ray and my world of recovery has gone into flux.

So to avoid talking about it in depth, but to assure you I'm here, have a token post about apple cake! It's autumn and our apple trees are in over-drive. I'm filling carrier bags every couple of days and giving them away wherever possible.

Bebe has bronchitis again and is on 4 different medications every 4 hours, with an asthma clinic referral booked, so to cheer her this afternoon, we baked.

In other, positive news, Niamh is potty trained!! It's taken 10 full on days but she finally gets it and is independently using the potty!! After nearly 7 years we are finally nappy free in the day time!! Massive rejoicing! Paul did the brunt of it whilst I have been working for the last 4 days. So thrilled - particularly as I wanted to throw in the towel last week! (You were right as ever Mama! Love you xx)

Anyway. Apples.
The kidlets LOVED it and Lochie had thirds!
Thanks for reading xxx

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Paul Christie! You are Ironman!! Ok, technically, Ironman is a brand and Challenge Henley is an iron distance triathlon, but you know what? I don't care!! PAUL CHRISTIE! YOU ARE IRONMAN!!
On Sunday Paul swam 2.4miles, cycled 112miles and then ran 26.2miles.. Yes, a marathon!!
He hoped to complete it in under 14hrs.. He smashed that time and came in under 13hrs - 12hrs 55mins!!!
We spent the day following him on the live tracker and driving around to cheer him on.
So proud of you Paul!
You set this MASSIVE goal, you did the work and you earnt your title.
I love you so much xxxx

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ending the week BIG!

The Bigs went back to school - Lochie into year 2, and Bebe into year 1.

Niamh embarked on a new term of swimming on a Wednesday morning - now big and brave enough to go in by herself! She loves it.

We have also finished clearing the veg patch and with the help of Lucy, half
of it is freshly manured, with the other half to be done next week.

I have one run left of week 2 of the C15k, before moving onto week 3. I'm feeling good about it - I have missed running!

And so we end the week at my parents house, on Sunday Paul embarks on 'Challenge Henley'. An Iron distance triathlon - 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile run..!!! All starting from the Henley management college - where I used to work a lifetime ago! I will of course be updating on that early next week - suffice it to say we are gearing up for a 16 hour mammoth triathlon event and Paul is excited.

Have a good weekend Clanettes xxx

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This week

Clanettes! Its The Bers! SeptemBER has arrived! 2 more days til school starts back, and we look forward to the crisp mornings of autumn - YAY!

This week we have
Turbo'd together in the shed
Been out and eaten ice cream
Made scones for my parents who kindly came for the day to babysit so I could work - thank you xxx
Been inspired
Started clearing the veg patch in order to get it straight for next spring - before..
After the first 45 min session - I have to be strict with how much bending up and down with weeds I do in one go, but I'll get there!
Afterwards -

Lochie went to his karate summer course - he was nervous on the first day, but LOVED the second day!

And I have completed the first week of C25K and feel GREAT!! I've done a teeny bit further each time and I'm pretty pleased with myself - given I ran 5.6 miles in the last week of August, I'd like to see if I can run at least 20 miles in Sept.. this should be massively achievable because the C25K app now ups my running and lowers my walking intervals..

Here's to being active and inspired!
Thanks for reading xxx