Friday, September 27, 2013


Happy Friday Clanettes! I am writing to you from the elliptical trainer in the gym.
Proud Mummy tonight! Lochie decided he wanted to be on the school council last week. He designed his own poster and campaign, and he was voted in today! He is quite rightly very pleased with himself!

Our apple adventures continue. I am baking with apples, eating the apples, juicing the apples and I have probably given away 20lbs of apples and we haven't made a dent in my loaded trees..  Today I had a go at apple butter, or apple jam. It's gorgeous, and if taste tests come back positive it will make a Christmas appearance.
6lbs of apples in a slow cooker with sugar and spices..
5hrs later it's a bit of brown heaven!! 

Have a good weekend xx 

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