Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple cake

Clanettes! I have been shamelessly  avoiding posting. I am in whinge city with a poorly hip and I thought my amazing Osteopath had fixed it last week, and whilst he improved it, he hasn't really fixed it. Now my consultant has called me in for an x-ray and my world of recovery has gone into flux.

So to avoid talking about it in depth, but to assure you I'm here, have a token post about apple cake! It's autumn and our apple trees are in over-drive. I'm filling carrier bags every couple of days and giving them away wherever possible.

Bebe has bronchitis again and is on 4 different medications every 4 hours, with an asthma clinic referral booked, so to cheer her this afternoon, we baked.

In other, positive news, Niamh is potty trained!! It's taken 10 full on days but she finally gets it and is independently using the potty!! After nearly 7 years we are finally nappy free in the day time!! Massive rejoicing! Paul did the brunt of it whilst I have been working for the last 4 days. So thrilled - particularly as I wanted to throw in the towel last week! (You were right as ever Mama! Love you xx)

Anyway. Apples.
The kidlets LOVED it and Lochie had thirds!
Thanks for reading xxx

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