Sunday, September 1, 2013

This week

Clanettes! Its The Bers! SeptemBER has arrived! 2 more days til school starts back, and we look forward to the crisp mornings of autumn - YAY!

This week we have
Turbo'd together in the shed
Been out and eaten ice cream
Made scones for my parents who kindly came for the day to babysit so I could work - thank you xxx
Been inspired
Started clearing the veg patch in order to get it straight for next spring - before..
After the first 45 min session - I have to be strict with how much bending up and down with weeds I do in one go, but I'll get there!
Afterwards -

Lochie went to his karate summer course - he was nervous on the first day, but LOVED the second day!

And I have completed the first week of C25K and feel GREAT!! I've done a teeny bit further each time and I'm pretty pleased with myself - given I ran 5.6 miles in the last week of August, I'd like to see if I can run at least 20 miles in Sept.. this should be massively achievable because the C25K app now ups my running and lowers my walking intervals..

Here's to being active and inspired!
Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Great inspiration quote. Hope you have a great September :)