Monday, August 26, 2013


Today saw me embark on the C25K (couch to 5k) for the second time - the first time I completed it I went on to enjoy running and consider myself a runner with my fastest 5K being 32mins and my longest distance being 9K.

I haven't done any running proper this year. I physically couldn't run pre or post surgery - although I have attempted lots of the little bursts on the treadmill to no joy.
Having written about being at a good point yesterday, I got up this morning and decided to have a go at a road run - my first attempt this year. Whilst my fitness is great, I need to retrain my skeleton to run with its new metal addins.
So day 1, week 1 C25K it was! It felt great!! Wether it was because I was outside or because of my new birthday barefoot trainers or because I'm simply well enough, I don't know but everything clicked into place and worked and felt good and I LOVED IT. I love running. I love the endorphin high that only running brings. I miss running. I am envious of my friends who are still doing it and I want it back!

So watch this space!! This mornings session proved my fitness is fine (a far cry from the death I suffered doing it the first time!), my legs are strong and I am raring to go - I just need to keep it steady and pace myself.
Words synonymous with Sarah, surely!!


  1. I was so close to finishing C25K and then I stopped -- I really need to get started again. Well done for getting back to your running. Love those sneakers :)

  2. Well done on getting back to running. I keep jumping back into the middle of it, going on a few runs then stopping- I want to start going again!