Monday, August 12, 2013

Campfire food

I mentioned in my last post that I LOVE cooking on a camp fire - here are some pics of my fave food from our trip last week:
Emma and Duncan drink a lot of tea - proper tea in a pot and they bring it all camping! I made Emma the teacosy (their surname is House) for her birthday nearly 3 years ago now.. It's still going!
Making bread dough in a field is no more difficult than in a kitchen. Mix bread flour, yeast, splash of oil and warm water..
Then rather than kneading it on a surface, wring it like a wet towel.. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recommends this method in his bread book and it really does work!
Then pop it in a warm, oiled pot with a lid and let it prove/rise - a warm tent is perfect for this
We make pizza's - I literally pull off small balls of dough, flatten and stretch it in my hand, cook one side on the hot skillet and then flip it and top it and hey presto. Pizza! (Emma makes a mean Hugh soup!)
This camp we made s'mores - a big win! Toast a marshmallow, then sandwich it with a piece of choc between two savoury crackers. Amazing!
Emma invented 'chocolate bombs' using my dough, she wrapped chocolate spread inside before we cooked them on the skillet.. Just fabulous!

This was my fave meal of the trip - leftovers! We cooked jacket potatoes in the fire (the black blob at the top of my plate) we cooked beans in their tins in the fire, had left over hugh soup, sweetcorn, tuna and fried halloumi. A FEAST!
The kidlets don't like charred potato skins, so I generally pull their skins off and they have what is in essence cheesy, buttery mash with beans! Niamh eats her body weight in tuna too.

I needed to get this post written asap Clanettes - tomorrow I am embarking on a 3 day detox.!!! Assuming I live through it, I am hoping to rid myself of my caffeine and sugar addiction..and shift some of the 7lbs I have gained eating and drinking my way round the UK for the last 2 weeks.. Also need to reacquaint myself with the gym!

I shall of course update - assuming I can see to type with what I believe is going to be a killer withdrawal headache!!

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  1. Wow. I'm so impressed with the variety of foods you cooked! Since I've never been camping, the only image in my mind was a can of beans being heated in a saucepan over the fire ;) [totally influenced by movies!]