Friday, August 16, 2013

Juicing (post detox)

So. At the time of writing it is the morning of day 4, I completed my 3 day detox yesterday. I feel good this morning!! I feel pretty smug actually, I chose a plan and I stuck to it, even when it got massively ropey on day 2! I prepped my day well enough yesterday to allow me to go shopping and spend the day in town/swimming lessons/at work and still have my smoothies.
The rewards? Well, not only am I no longer addicted to diet coke and coffee and squash, not only am I over my love of artificial sweetener, not only do I feel amazing but I've lost 9lbs!! 9 POUNDS IN THREE DAYS! N I N E  POUNDS!!!

I really really struggled with making the kidlets meals and not 'picking' as I went. I really struggled with my conscience yesterday too - there is a new health food co-op in town (Rice up) and I dragged the kidlets round Southampton so long trying to find the store (eventually I rang Paul and he talked us there using googlemaps on his work pc!) that I promised them chippies after we had been to the new shop. So I'm in the health food shop, I'm choosing some wholewheat pasta, some brown rice noodles, this and that.. and all they can talk about is burger king afterwards!! I need to change their perceptions of food too!!! Plus I prepped all my food to allow me to stay on plan and neglected their requirements, bad mother!

So now I have to decide how to eat going forward. I'm a completely blank slate right now, my body doesn't require any stimulants and I am 'clean'.

Another blog I mention here is Weight Wars and yesterday Bec wrote a post about 'What I will eat'. Did you write this for me Rebecca? This is just what I need to do!!

Coming off the detox, and being massively inspired by the Juice Master (ha ha! That sounds crazy!) here are my 4 golden rules whilst I figure out what I am going to eat going forward:
1) Eat whole wheat / whole grain carbs
2) Avoid refined sugar where possible
3) Avoid artificial sweetener as much as possible
4) Avoid caffeine - bye bye diet coke and coffee.

My diet needs to be family friendly. I can't do the health food shop/burger kind scenario again, and I need to be feeding my children food that I wouldn't mind snacking on - I just need to find the balance!

Making a change is scary - I hate not knowing what to eat and flailing around. Ultimately though, I feel like I have made a positive step and this is the way forward. I just need to make it work.

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  1. Congrats on surviving the detox & well done for sticking to the plan the whole 3 days.

    Good luck coming up with a family friendly healthy menu. Your 4 rules sound like great ones to follow :)

  2. Well done on surviving this Sarah! FWIW I have experienced the headaches you describe whilst starting a new diet. I seem to remember it is linked to carbs and how your body uses water from carbs to stay hydrated. We shunned artificial sweetners quite a while ago. I occasionally use them in coffee still as they are convenient (whilst camping, for eg, we don't use sugar for anything else) but I scour everything I give the kids to make sure we aren't consuming them. I would rather have sugar any day! I still drink caffeine (though through proper coffee, not coke!) and I am not sure I want to give up my two cups per day! Hoping you clean living gives you the benefits you want.