Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Juicing (detox!)

I have embarked on a 3 day juice detox. My friend Rachel gave me a juicer (she was throwing it away) a few months ago and it has just sat and gathered dust.. Then Lucy mentioned that she wanted to have a detox and she settled on a juice plan by Jason Vale - the 'Juice Master'. Lucy did her detox and together with the Jason Vale website, I am sold on the power of juice.. Plus the fact that I haven't been able to get under 14st since surgery and am now plus another 7lbs following our two week trip round the UK.. So I am currently hopefully cleansing myself of waste and weight!

I bought a copy of the 'Keeping it simple' book (and downloaded the detox app for my phone.)
The 'shopping list' for the 3 day detox consists of:
Plus additional  avocado and some natural live yogurt - I don't know why it isn't included on the list.

So I start every day with hot water and lemon - surprisingly tasty - goes well with my yoga too.

Today's breakfast juice consisted of:

This is what it looked like going through the juicer

Then I blended the avocado with ice, and poured in my juice for a bit more blending

Super tasty!!

I love how the pulp looks after a juice is made - its mostly dry like sawdust

I get four juices a day on the plan, 3 of those contain avocado to keep cals and good fat in there, and unlimited water/mint tea/hot water and lemon... At the time of writing its the end of day one and I have a headache brewing... I will let you know how it goes!

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