Thursday, August 15, 2013

Juicing! (Detox day 2)

At the time of writing, I am at the end of day two of the three day detox. Today has been hard!! If 'grey' is a state of being, then I am the head of state - the queen in fact!! 

I struggled so much this afternoon that I actually had a nap. It’s hard to describe and give justice to the feeling of a detox, partly because I think everyone experiences them differently and partly because behind the pain, I feel like I am doing something hugely positive.
My main symptom is a headache, its a tight pain behind my eyes - I feel very hung-over.

At the gym last night, Lucy lent me another of Jason Vale's books - Turbo charge your life in 14 days. This book is a real eye opener. I embarked on this detox to lose some weight and kick my caffeine dependence, but then through reading, I started realising that I am (was!) hugely addicted to artificial sweetner too. Then when I consider that actually I am ridding my body of everything that is fast and convenient in today’s world.. And the eating opportunities ahead of me are vast.

Tomorrow is going to be easier - I hope! I have eating decisions to make going forward. I knew I had big decisions to make this afternoon when I cringed about making the rest of my family the pizza I had promised them..

Anyway. At this point Clanettes, I am a worn woman! I am waiting for the high that I am assured will come.. I am ready for bed and the delight of waking up on day three, knowing I am going to complete my self imposed detox. Hopefully the worst is behind me now, tomorrow is the home straight - I love things in threes, triathlon analogies galore!

Today’s favourite smoothie juice was:


Come day three!! DO YOUR WORST! Ahem. Tomorrow I am going to Ikea for some shopping.. with flasks of prepared smoothie!

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  1. I once did a 3-day detox. I had symptoms similar to yours on day 2.