Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jelles Festival

Elle and Johny got married... Then a couple of years later they wanted a more personal ceremony and party.. So they organised a festival and asked Paul and I to handfast them.. Which we did last Saturday. It was a glorious day - I hope it was everything they wanted. It was our fourth ceremony! A growing collection of happily marrieds under our belt!!

When Lucy and I went to glasto we sourced and bought altar supplies - I love that you can mock up an altar in Glasto, whilst drinking your latte and no one bats an eyelid!

Whilst camping last week we updated my dress (It was out dated and very 'pagan' - it needed a spruce!) and made corsages to match the altar - not sure what our fellow campers made of that!

And this is how the Christie Clan scrubbed up on the morning of the wedding! Gorgeous if you ask me!

Lochie won a prize for the best dressed child! He was amazing and so patient - folding and sorting, and pinning and wearing a Great Kilt is no mean feat - for man or boy!

The ceremony was not as pagan as we have done in the past, but it was fun and we had great feedback - win win!

Altar post ceremony

View of the festival from the ceremony area

There was a falcon display and we all got super excited to hold the birds

Then the afternoon was spent eating glorious food, chatting with friends and enjoying the party!

The happy couple!

Dave was the official photographer

I had feathers in my hair (which I am still sporting! The gold glitter is long gone) and my nails done especially for the occasion

It was a terrific day, a lovely lovely event and we were very happy to be involved.
Massive thank you to Lucy for all your creative input, couldn't have done any of it without you!

Happy handfasting ERD!! JRD!! Enjoy your honeymoon xxxx

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  1. I love the photo of you conducting the ceremony!