Monday, August 5, 2013


Paul and I went to Wales, with our friends Jo and Dylan. Paul and Dylan had entered the Eiras middle distance triathlon and we made a weekend of it. We spent two nights at the foot of Snowdon and I was brave enough for my first 'wild swim' in a glacial lake - COLD! BRILLIANT!
Whilst the boys were racing, Jo and I went for a little bike ride along the race run route and I enjoyed my first leisurely cycle that didn't involve me testing myself. IT WAS GOOD!

A fabulous weekend - here it is in pictorial form:
The sun setting over Llyn Cwellyn the swim was so liberating, although very cold. My breath came in really short sharp rasps until I was used to the temperature, and even then I didn't stay in as long as everyone else. The lake is clear and clean, but once you're in and if you're brave enough to put your (goggled) face under, it is black and murky under the surface!

The day of the tri:
The boys did really well in the event, I am so proud of Paul. It was great to be a spectator on a public course and we were able to see them and talk to them on all the laps.

Special massive mention to my Mum and Dad for having the kidlets for two nights. Thank you. I know you know. But its nice to be told too. Thank you, it was such a great weekend, we really appreciate it.

See you soon Jo - hopefully sooner than last time - my only regret is that we didn't get a photo together. Don't worry, I won't forget our tri pledge..! xxx


  1. Looks like you were on my home turf! I was actually very close by at Llandudno! Glad you had a good time. :)

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! :) That sunset picture really is spectacular!