Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas craft

I wanted to share one more specific piece I made this Christmas, and show you two amazing handmade things I was given. A difficult post, because to mention certain gifts and not others is to show preference, but its not about that really. I was spoilt this Christmas and I have many new and amazing things that I shall use and treasure, but these two particular things have inspired further craft in me, so I thought I'd share them from a craft perspective.

Firstly, I made my sister a cushion. For Leif really, but he is too little to appreciate it, so I gave it to Emily. I was up ridiculously late, early morning even, the day before Christmas Eve finishing this and at the time I wondered if the effort was worth it - had I done enough? Emily's fabulous reaction confirmed I had and I am very pleased to say she loved it. Phew!
Then there are these!! These beauties!! These were made by Vikki and formed part of a larger gift that made me cry. She thoughtfully crocheted these for me - tankard warmers! I adore them and I swear my tea stays hotter for longer! HOW CLEVER IS SHE!!
Then there was this lovely skull person from Emma. That too formed part of a larger sewing gift, but I mention the purse specifically because the skull is just so perfect in its 'sugar skull' style and it inspired me to make a little card wallet to slip inside it this evening. Only took me an hour, using an inside out technique I learnt with the Owl Bags. I had perfect fabric already in my stash - ideal!
A thank you to Paul as well, who baked me fine cookies - a first, and hopefully not the last.

I have some pics of the kidlets craft to share, and loads of lovely photos from Christmas actual, that I will share with you over the next few days - even the one of me sleeping on the sofa in a Grappa induced snooze! Who took that I wonder? Mama? Papa? Emoose???

I hope you had a great holiday, and that you were able to both spoil and be spoilt by those you love x x