Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Owl bags

More scheduled blog action! I hope its Boxing day by now and you are enjoying your Christmas!

For Christmas, I wanted to make my Mum and my Sister matching tote bags, and my Mum has a great top with owls on that inspired me, so I found a great tutorial here and got sewing.

As is my way, I decided to upcycle a skirt that my Mum and I had both worn in our larger days, because we both loved the print, and coupled with the back pockets of some too large trousers we had also both worn, I had the majority of my fabric.
The tutorial was absolutely great and everything was written out very clearly, but I'm still not always 100% confident that what I'm doing will look as it should, so I tend to pin everything to within an inch of its life, turn it the right way, check it, double check it and then finally stitch it.
Getting the lining to sit correctly inside the out layer and make it all neat was easier than I thought it would be.
 I made the strap as wide as the bag and I'm pleased with how comfortable it is.
As with most things, I wish I had thought to make three - I would definitely use one of these cheeky little chappies and having matching with my Mum and Sister is no bad thing - 'Twins' is what we would chime, to show our appreciation for the three of us in the same thing.

Love you both very much xxx

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