Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kidlets Christmas Craft

A few pics of the craft the kidlets created as gifts this year - if they made you something, THEY thought about it, THEY chose it and then THEY wrapped it x x
These were actually last years, but I love them so much they have become annual. Tissue paper stained glass windows.
 Lochie concentrating on his sewing task
 Home is where the heart is biscuits
 Iced and ready to gift
 Painting this years stained window decorations

Aunty Claire and Grandpa got a framed picture, that the kidlets had each autographed.

I hope the kidlets remain so actively involved in gift making and giving, as they grow up. I love it and I cherish the time we spend doing it - even if the clear up time is triple, hopefully they'll start on that as they get bigger too!

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