Saturday, June 28, 2014


We are in Scotland for a week!! Paul's cousin is getting married (today!) and all of the Christies have returned to Troon, in Ayr (where Paul and most of his cousins were born). 
The drive took the best part of 8 hours, and we decided to leave at 2.30am to get the most out of no traffic and potential kidlet sleepage.. I was the only one who slept!
The journey was sponsored by Harry Potter and The BFG audio books, and the sound track to 'Frozen' and the musical 'The lion king'. 
We arrived at Paul's uncle's house, said hello to most of the family before going
to check in at our caravan on a haven park.

After the wedding and all the family engagements this weekend, we've got a week of relaxed activates planned. Paul is excited to take the children round the area he remembers from his childhood. Bliss.

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