Sunday, January 11, 2015


We have welcomed a tortoise into the clan this weekend, we're all a bit smitten! He's a teeny tiny Hermanns baby, currently weighing 50g and his shell measures 6.5 cm. I say He, but he could be a She.. It's too early to tell gender.. He has a little growing to do first.
With the right conditions, Mac could easily outlive us all, so it wasn't a light decision! 

Why did we call him Mac, I hear you ask! Well! Do you have family 'in' jokes, the kind that make perfect sense to those you live with, the kind that are hilarious in the right company.. But fall flat to anyone not in on the joke..? This is one of those moments.. 
We watched a film a long time ago, where the lead guy, an alien funnily enough, was called Steve. Now anything that requires a name, even things that don't need a name, are Steve. Right..?! Wai though, it gets funnier!
When we think of surnames for Steves, we think of Steve McGarrett, one half of the joint lead characters in Hawaii 5-O. So we named our tortoise McGarrett. Mac for short. After the guy out of Hawaii 5-O. It's an 'in' joke, do you see?


Anyway, here is the gorgeousness that is Mac

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