Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of the 2011

and nearly the start of 2012!! The decs came down today and I'm ready for the new year, feeling inspired and optimistic.
So much has happend since my last post, I'm sure where to start really. This year saw the arrival of our third child, Niamh, and she will be 1 in Feb. Its been a little hectic getting used to having 3 kidlets, and with Lochie starting school last Sept meant that we also needed a routine.. something I still aspire to!
So this was that arkward first entry after a huge time lapse, and now thats over, I'm going to start making regular entries. No really!
Here's to 2012, to a clean house, a tidy garden that gives us food and enjoyment, to my children being free spirited and happy, to sewing and stitching and crafting, maybe earning some money working from home. To turning the tv off more, to studying. To cycling for fitness and achievement. To living with and doing it all with Paul and my closest friends..

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