Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its really hard to post..

When I can't talk about any of my sewing projects!!  Of which there are currently numerous, and I love them all and so struggle to talk about anything besides.  A couple of 'safe' and finished projects are the bunting for Imbolc, and my appliqued skull is all finished.
Imbolc bunting
And speaking of skulls, I went to a pottery party last night and painted a random mug with skulls..  I'm not convinced its going to look ok once its glazed and fired!

For news this week, Paul was given a place on the RAB - Ride Across Britain. which takes place in Sept.  Paul is equally thrilled and anxious, which is understandable. 9 days at 100+ miles a day would challenge anyone and Paul has some training ahead of him.  We took the kidlets over to the track with us yesterday, they had their bikes, N slept and Paul and I ran.  Well, I did my training 2 on 2 off and Paul ran.  I mean properly ran, without losing pace, without stopping, for 30 mins.  I was gobsmacked and so proud of him.  The first time I have properly appreciated his fitness I think.  I was so impressed!

Lochie got a special mention in the school assembly for his reading last Friday, and I was asked if I wanted to go in and watch.  I totally welled up.  He saw me as he came in and then spent the entire thing turning round, fidgetting and waving at me - total boy!

Its just over 9 weeks til my 47+ mile sportiv and Emma and I achieved 20 miles in a good time today, which has pleased me no end!

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