Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilted, appliqued bed runner

Lay out your fabric and decide on a rough outline plan

Begin sewing all the squares together, patchworking and ironing as you go
Decide on your outside border, attach and then work out your applique

Once its wadded and quilted, trim it all, attach your edging to the front side (I made a 5in binding from white linen, which I then folded in half, making a 2.5in width.  The outside frayed edge was sewn to the outside top edge of the runner, the neat folded edge was then pulled to the back and stitched down) and hand stitch to the back.  Done!

I loved this project, with all of its trials and errors, and couldn't have done most of it without the help of and
Remember to listen for the duck :-)

Happy birthday Lucy x x

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