Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catch up chit chat..

Niamh was 1 last Monday and I found the whole thing quite emotional.  My last baby is growing up, and I am equally thrilled and sad!  The 3 of them seem to be so independant now! It is nice that I can leave Paul to do all 3 bedtimes now, but sad that I am not required.  It is fab that we are all finally sleeping, and that Niamh goes all night and is happy, but sad that I don't get any precious cuddles before the world wakes.  I could keep listing the things I am happy and sad about, but mainly I am happy.  How could I not be!

Lucy and I had a personal induction at the gym on Weds, where we had a chap called Joe (I call him a chap, and he is, but if he is 20 I will be shocked and frankly I feel like his mother!  How old is 32 these days?!) talked us through our plan of action for the triathlon, and of course my sportiv first off.  We appear to have agreed to 3 x 2hr sessions a week, with cycling on top of that..!

Paul has made an amazing gift for my Mothers 60th next week, I can't mention anything til after the big 6 0, and the same goes for my creations, I have a minute amount of hand stitching still to do, but I'm so excited!  I'm really looking forward to the whole week actually.  We go Saturday, on Sunday my Dad has prepped a champaigne testing sesh which is basically an excuse for us all to drink loads and eat lots of nibbles.  Monday is birthday actual, and we are going to a posh hotel for afternoon tea, then on Tuesday my sister and Dan head home and we are free to see what the rest of the week holds.  Paul and I are hoping to get lots of exercise in, all the bikes are going, and there is a leisure centre a 5 min walk from the house.

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