Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello bloggee's (is that the correct term for people reading my blog?)  Its March and the weather is mild and I am feeling like spring is in the air.  New birks have been purchased and worn outside, so it must be official!

We had a great week away for my Mum's 60th, it was lovely to spend some time altogther and see my sister for a few days - it doesn't happen often enough!  Quite apart from family time, we ate and exercised for England.  Paul and I managed to get a lot of time together in, and whilst I know I'm not the easiest person to support through exercise, I am still not confident in my ability to cycle anywhere, I do know that I appreciate it and that I love you bestest.  I lived on cake and champagne for the week, yet over the course of 61 miles on my bike and a bit of swimming and running, I managed to somehow lose 3lbs.  And since being back another 2lbs have gone this week, nearly a stone since I started making a concerted effort in mid Jan.  I'm pretty happy with that!

I don't want to end on a sad note, but I do want to record a moment for 'D', so I'll pop it right in the middle between cheery thoughts. 'D' died whilst we were on holiday and many friends are sad and mourning at the moment, her funeral is next week. Lots of love to those she leaves behind x x

Its precisely one month until my 50mile sportiv and I am starting to feel confident that I'll at least finish it..!  No, I am really.  I think.  My longest ride to date is 28 miles and I felt great afterwards, I could definitely have done more.  This week I am going to do a 35 miler and see how it goes.  Definitely still on track.  Just need to work on my speed I think, I'll never be a racer and nor would I want to be, but if I don't get a bit faster then its going to be a long time in the saddle to 50 miles!!

Lochie is poorly and off school today, so we have watched 'Home alone' this morning.  Their first time and they loved it.  I remember going to the cinema when I was 13 to watch it..  how things change!  Bebe is soaking up all the poorly sofa time tv on behalf of Lochie and Niamh has had her first day time nap in bed - shocker!!  She would normally be walked to sleep in the pram and then left out in the sun, but our neighbours are currently putting a roof on their porch and the noise is deafening so I took the bull (aka hare) by the horns (ears?) and put her to bed as I would at night and off she went..  that was 1.5hrs ago :-)

What would a post be without a few photeys!!  Here we go then..

The 3 projects I made for Mums birthday

My Mum on her 60th birthday, with Niamh, sat in our holiday house at breakfast time

The 7 of us off cycling :-)

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