Saturday, March 31, 2012

The final count down

Tomorrow is D day, or B day.  The day I've been cycling my butt off for.  The children have just left to stay at my parents house for the night, and Emma is due shortly to drop her kit off.  I was going to use this afternoon to do some urgent birthday sewing but I'm feeling strangely emotionally and I wasn't prepared for it.  Its my first night away from Niamh, and its silly because she doesn't need me at night anymore, she sleeps right through for 12 hours or more, so I don't know why I'm thinking about her being away.  And then I'm thinking, so who on earth suggested I attempt to cycle 50 sodding miles?!  I'm sure people like me don't do this sort of thing!  Anyway, here I am, rambling at you and uploading photos. 

And to that end..  Above is a pic of a then unfinished bed pocket that I made for Paul's birthday this week. We don't have room for bed side tables and have nowhere for phones or magazines, so I made us both a large A4 pocket, with 3 smaller phone etc pockets on the front. They are attached together on what is essentailly a scarf that goes under the mattress to secure them.. Very rudimentary but in 4 days they have become invaluable!

Yesterday we went to a friends daughters 1st birthday party and I made her bunting.  I'm very pleased with it and think its my neatest yet.  I also LOVE the lime green and pink, a risk I nearly didn't take but one that totally paid off.  Another friend at the party asked about buying some personalised bunting and I initially said no becuase I can't figure out how to price it fairly for both of us, but maybe I should rethink that?!

The party was fancy dress, and Bebe went as Belle as she always does.  She carries her Belle doll around and exlaims about the joys of being twins..  Lochie also as always, went as Spiderman.  The outift is now entirely too small for him and shall be replaced post haste.  Niamh didn't have an outfit as such until a last ditch rummage in the dressing up box produced an angel outfit, complete with wings, that looked like it might fit and low and behold it was perfect.  Needless to say that she came back from the party covered in mud and cake and general debris she had crawled through and the dress was so filthy I have binned it!
At the beginning of last week my Nan came to visit, it was so good to see her and the last time she had seen Niamh, Niamh was just days old.
And here are the triffids that were my sown seeds, massive and ready for hardening off before being planted out.

Wish me luck!!  I don't care about time, I just want to complete it and not be last :-)

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