Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It seems so strange to think I felt so awful last week, both physically and then mentally.  We had a good weekend, where we all had a little respite and I got back on track with my cycling.  The weather was glorious and I did a 16 mile test route on Saturday, followed by a 34 route on Sunday with Emma.  This weekend we are planning a 40 miler..  Only 2.5 weeks to go to the big Five Oh..!  I am taking Emma X-biking tomorrow night..  I hope she appreciates it as much as I did/do.

Lochie has a swimming lesson on a Monday after school, and it all becomes a bit of a rush because Bebe comes out of pre-school 15 minutes after Lochie, and so by the time we’re back it’s a scramble into the car to get to the pool on time. Needless to say Monday afternoons are not my favourite day of the week!  Yesterday Niamh and I had spent a lovely day with Lucy, and the sun was just blazing, and as were a little early to the pickup I felt relaxed enough with time before swimming to let Niamh out of the pram for the first time (ie to specifically play).  In the playground there is a wooden pyramid made of 4 tiers that I should imagine double as seats.  Niamh LOVED it.  She tottered around and over it, and then when Lochie came out they both just played beautifully.  The 15 minute wait for Bebe was over in a flash, before she was dashing out to join them and my heart could have just burst with love for them all.  A lovely and very welcome reminder of the amazingness that is my children.

Planted the first of the seasons seeds tonight, a combo of peas, courgettes, basil and harebells are now sat in teeny tiny pots awaiting germination on the bathroom window sill..  The first set to sprout will become the focus of the season and I’ll use that as the focus for updates..  Sort of like ‘Courgette watch’ if you will…  Exciting stuff!!

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