Friday, March 16, 2012

Sowing the seeds (of love!)

Ok, maybe not, but the song is going round my head now!

This week I sowed some pea, courgette, basil and harebell seeds and they are now sat on my bedroom window sill - hopefully thinking about sprouting! 
Whilst having a look in the shed I found a few spring bulbs that I didn't manage to plant out last autumn, so with the help of Lochie and Bebe we have planted them outside the front door.  Google suggests that with a bit of luck they should still come up, so we have our fingers crossed. 
I have back filled all the onions we planted in the autumn, to fill the spaces of some that we lost and to use up Lucy's left over bulbs. 
And then in a real display of enthusiasm I have planted out my long suffering pot rhubarb in the hopes of saving it.  I thought I had finally killed it off last year by forgetting to water it, but it looked vaguely like it was trying to sprout so in the veg patch its gone with good luck to it!

Ostara is just round the corner, so I've made a couple of seasonal bunnies - Hares, obviously (I say obviously.. I think they look bunnie shaped!) and we have confirmed camping for Beltaine in 6 weeks.

Our very own Hare has mastered the little car she got for her birthday and is now able to zip about the house. Phew!

Two weeks til the Sportive!!  Did my second spinning class last Wednesday and still enjoyed it, maybe it wasn't a one off!

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