Monday, March 26, 2012


We went to Reading to stay with my parents for a couple of days last week, it was my Dads birthday.  I baked a chocolate cake, his favourite and these were a few mini muffins from the left over batter. 
The weather was glorious and we stayed out sipping wine in the garden until it was dark, totally the way to do it!

I was delighted to gift 'Ben' to my Dad and he now sits with 'Grace', old married dogs, happy in their retirement!

We exchanged Ostara festival wreaths with the Tippers last week, I enjoy changing the seasonal decorations.  The Ostara bunting is gaily hung upon the Altar and there are daffodils bobbing about the veg patch in the back garden..  Must be spring, all things seem to be in equilibrium and the Earth is blooming.

And just because I can't do an update and NOT mention it..  6 days til the sportive!!  Emma and I went out on Sunday and did the same 34 mile route that Paul and I did last week..  It wasn't any easier, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!! 

Lastly, one more thing to sneak in..  I do know I haven't done a triathlon yet, I am aware I am completely insane, particularly as I want to train for a long long distance bike ride at the end of the year.. but, this has caught my eye for next year..


  1. I love these guys - they make a handsome pair!! (also loving your hair in the pic above ;) )