Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It seems that it only takes 5 days for life to take hold, or to quote Jeff Goldblum (sp?) from that classic 90's film 'Jurassic Park' "Life will find a way".  The Peas won the race and get to be the star of my photo diary this growing season.  Please help me think of a witty title for what will be a photo montage of their journey from seed to crop and then to plate! (Something better than 'More peas!')

In the midst of all the spring planting (I say that like I run a farm stall or something!), we had mothers day and managed pancakes for  breakfast.  These seem to have become the breakfast that the kidlets recognise as the start of a special day, ie if its not just borning cereal or toast we must be celebrating!  Something.  Lochie likes big flat pancakes, like crepes, that he can fill with chocolate sauce, or sugar and lemon, but Bebe prefers these little 'american' pancakes that we like to smother with banana's in syrup, so we take it in turns with which sort we have.  Paul and I love both and are hard pushed to give a vote.  I think Niamh may well be a help with that once she understands what it is to have a choice.

This is the seed tray today, on day 7.  Seems a little mad to think that in 2 days the busy pot at the back has sprouted all that basil and the courgette has appeared in massive leaves - they really weren't there two days ago!! The Harebell has still to sprout, but its early days.
Today I planted tomato and coriander, they are supposed to grow well together, so I'm giving it a go.

Hello Holls if you're reading!  Thank you for yummy risotto last night :-)

Its my Dads 59th birthday tomorrow and Paul turns a sprightly 33 next Tuesday - obviously the sewing machine and I have busy, and I will update once certain gifts have been given.

I have done something to my back, and if I'm honest it hasn't been right for a couple of weeks, but given that the sportive is now only 10 days away I have been soldiering on.  We got a little past that at the weekend.  Thanks to the Tippers helping us with the kidlets, Paul and I did a great ride, despite 2 punctures and some very steep hills, on Saturday (minus Emma who was poorly) and I knew as I went to bed that I had probably over done it.  Anyway, long story short, Dr says I have sprained the ligament in my sacral joint.  Hurt my back.  Yep.  It'll heal, as everything does and with some massage and yoga from Lucy, I am resolute in the belief that stretching will actually help me going forward..

It had better..  Its 10 days til the 50 mile sportive and today Lucy and I booked our triathlon!! 13 iddy biddy weeks til the 24th June! 

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