Friday, June 15, 2012


Aunty Claire's birthday was last weekend and the kidlets asked if they could make her some bunting.. so make her some bunting we did! We had a planning meeting and decided what they wanted it to say. Niamh was integral to this process, switching the letters up and messing with the paper was key.
I drew each letter and then they set to painting, and after all the flags were dry, we strung them onto parcel ribbon.  I am assured it is currently hung with pride of place in Claires house.  The children were delighted with it!

In other news, it's Friday today, and we are entering into our last weekend before THE triathlon!  We have had our participant emails through - my race starts at 11.10am, Lucy goes slightly before me at 11.09am.  Very real now!  We have trained very hard this week, and after my glorious post on Monday, I came crashing down after we did the full distance bike/run brick on Wednesday.  I was (am?!) exhausted!  I came home, let Paul sort me a bath and then went straight to bed.  We are planning a run/swim brick tonight, with our last 'big' training session planned for Sunday.  Next week will be all about keeping some motion going, but mainly resting.

I have also been busy with a little sewing project this week, I'm delighted with it, but my lips are sealed for a little while longer!

We have been busy in the garden, the Sacred Space is now complete and fabulous.  Thank you x x and Mr Travers was kind enough to share some plant cuttings with me, so I have put them in and we are hoping they will thrive.

Yoga started last night, Lucy drove here and I then drove us both to the other side of town.  I really enjoyed myself, although it wasn't what I was expecting.  I have a lot to process and mull over there, so I will save that update for another time.

Have a good weekend Clanettes x x

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