Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Paul, Emma and I went out on our bikes last weekend. The first test for the sportive in April. We went out late afternoon, after Niamh's birthday party, so time and light were against us.
Up until Sunday, the furthest distance I had cycled in the last 15 months was the 8miles I did with my friend Jo in Wales last August.. I had no clue on my ability, stamina or mind set.. I was nervous!! 

From the few times I cycled the 2 miles to and from work during the autumn, I knew that I had lost a lot of confidence. I've never come off my bike, I've never had an accident and never been worried about it. But for some reason it now plays on my mind all the the time! I am a nervous nelly, constantly watching for pot holes and other magnets which will either jarr my back or make me fall off.. Paul says it makes me a better rider.. All I know is that it makes my thighs ache, constantly lifting my bum off the saddle!!
Emma very sadly had her beloved bike stolen a couple of weeks ago, so she borrowed another friends bike and after a few adjustments we were off!
Only we weren't, because Paul's road bike sprung a spontaneous puncture and to save time he took his time trial bike..!
Half way round I was feeling so good that we decided to up the 10miles to 15miles, adjust the route and race home before the light went.. But then I got a puncture! More time wasted.
But we did it!!! I LOVED IT! How I have missed my bike, how I have missed cycling with Paul. How I missed my cycling adventures with Emma! We added a further half again onto our route, and despite my fears I came home a conqueror! I've lost quite a bit of movement in my back (duh! It's called fusion for a reason!) which means Im going to have to relearn how to look over my shoulder when pulling out into traffic and I have other minor adjustments to figure out, but I'm not worried about it anymore!

The following day Emma, Vikki and I took all the kidlets to the park for fresh air and it was so nice to hear that Emma had enjoyed the ride as much as I did.
Apart from anything else, the ride proved how valuable and well spent my time in the gym is. 
I go to the gym, slog my heart out on the cross trainer, angry beyond reason that I'm not well enough to run yet, jealous of the people on the treadmill and wonder at the point of it all.. Then I'm able to spontaneously go out on my bike and take 15miles in my stride.. Well worth the effort!
Whoop whoop!!
Thanks for reading Clanettes xx

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