Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The 25th March sees me at one year post fusion and I think we can all agree that I have been struggling mentally recently. I realise some would say I am mental and struggle generally, but even I would admit to some fusion related anger recently.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon with my amazing friend Emma, amongst other parts if our friendship, she is my long missed cycling partner.. We went to a vintage fayre at the weekend, hoping for chintz, tea pots, cake stands and tea pots.. Instead we got shell suits and a cream tea.. One out of three isn't bad!!
After a lovely afternoon, and some tears on my part (apologies once again Emma, I didn't intend to cry at you! Even though I do admit to being one of life's cryers!) I realised that whilst I have spent the last year healing, I have also spent the last year resenting everything about healing.

Clearly it's time to take action Sarah, muster some heave ho and crack on. 

So I've booked a sportive. It's nothing compared to what I have achieved in the past, but given then I have only ridden my bike 6 times in the last year.. It's a challenge and that's what I need.

It's a 38 mile trip around Winchester and looks like a lovely gentle route. Perfect for my first foray back into the world of sportive cycling. And best of all, I get to do it with Emma, with my Dad and with Paul. A whole team of supporters!

I miss this!! I miss my bike!!
A New Forest sportive with Paul in 2012
A sky ride with Emma and Chez in 2012
A woodcote sportive with my Dad in 2012.

I'm ready to get back on my bike and have a bit of fun!! Man I've got some work ahead of me if I want to cycle 38 miles in 9 weeks time..!

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