Thursday, April 10, 2014

The last two weeks

The kidlets have all had hideous chicken pox, and of course it fell right on the weekend when Paul and I had a spa break booked!! Isn't that always the way! My wonderful parents took them off anyway, so Paul and I were able to enjoy the planned break. (He managed to get through the whole experience without donning a robe! I lived in mine!)

We have spent the last few days at my parents house, it's the Easter holidays and the children are off school. (Incidentally, Niamh starts a few hours at pre-school when the new term starts!).

Just before school broke up, I was thrilled to go into school and spend the morning crafting with Lochie. 
Apologies for the poor photo, it's a photo of a poor print out of a photo!
We have also spent some time making garden bunting! The kidlets enjoyed that way more than I thought they would!

Getting back to my mum and dads, I brought my bike and went out for a cycle with my Dad. We did a lovely 21 miles and I really enjoyed it.
Unfortunately I struggled with stiffness and my hip afterwards, and so I have decided to withdraw from the sportive on the 21st. Not an easy decision for me, once I'm committed, once I'm in.. Well, I'm IN. You know? I hate letting myself down, letting everyone down. But it's the right decision for now.

I had my first CBT therapy telephone session yesterday. After recieving all the literature through and realising that the first most suggested CBT therapy was that I get some fresh air and exercise.. I was a little incredulous.. I wondered how they were going to help when me I can't fit much more exercise in! Turns out the therapist agreed with me, and I'm going to be referred for counselling. I need space and time to talk through my issues. Good luck with that!

In other, much happier news, I saw the wonderful Lakes this week! I know you're both reading this! I am really hoping to see you camping, good luck with all your upcoming excitement xxx

And my sister had her birthday. Happy birthday Emoose!! Em is 18 weeks preggo with my newest niece or nephew and looking wonderful. Love you xxx

Thanks for reading Clanettes xxx

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