Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8.5 weeks to go..

Last Sunday was pizza and jelly day again, we seem to have slipped into an easy rhythm on a Sunday and the children are enjoying making them.

We all enjoy eating them and Niamh gets stuck in with gusto!

I had a bit of a realisation at the weekend too, where I went for a run but discovered the truth that actually I can't run right now.  My nerve root is still damaged, meaning my big toe doesn't join the party.  It is getting better, it really is, but to realise I couldn't actually run, that my body just doesn't respond as it should, was difficult.  I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So after a self indulgent cry I went to the gym the following day and did what I could, and boy did I pay for it, but more acupuncture and lots of stretching, meant that I did a great gym session yesterday and didn't ache nearly as much afterwards.  So with 8.5 weeks to go until my triathlon and the realisation that just finishing it at this point, rather than doing a good time, is the best that I can hope for I have booked my next bike ride!! 

66 standard miles in the 'New Forest 100' on Saturday 06th October.  Emma is doing it with me again, along with Duncan and Kay.  Paul will only have completed RAB 3 weeks earlier so he has opted out and will bring the kidlets to see me in at the finish.  To celebrate we went and looked at the bike I mentioned last time and I fell in love.  It will be mine!

Since Niamh and I put the peas out and did a bit of potting last week, it has rained none stop so I have no further updates there.

I'll leave you with a pic of my boys and their new favourite pass time!

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