Monday, April 9, 2012


Today is Easter bank holiday Monday and my sisters' (Emily) 30th birthday, and we have been in Reading over the weekend staying with my parents to celebrate with Em and her husband, Dan. They also announced that Em is pregnant and I am so so excited!! They aren't too sure of dates, but guess she is due in the beginning of November. I am so thrilled that I get to do the whole baby thing without actually having a baby!! Emily's best friend Lisa, is also pregnant and due in 3 weeks with her second baby and between Lisa and myself, Em should get a good mix of 'normal' and slightly 'out of the box' (I refer to myself as out of the box, not Lisa!) advice and opinions.

Niamh took her first 5 unaided steps yesterday, and whilst I don't think she realised what she did, she is happy to go between people who are able to set her off and then catch her.  Lochie thinks its particularly amazing and is delighted that she trusts him enough to walk to him and that he will catch her.  The things they say and do and think just make my heart melt.  We knew she was on the verge of doing it, she has been pushing her walker and pram all week (a new skill) and then yesterday she just did it - we all missed it the first time and made her do it again before the applause broke out!

I have been busy finishing some sewing for Em's birthday.  Having seen my parents 'Old Married Dogs' she had requested a toy, and being my sister had also requested a matching sofa cushion and obviously the bunting that everyone was getting.  My work was cut out!

Paul is back to work tomorrow and the children and I are into the second week of easter half term.  Lochie and Bebe start a swimming crash course tomorrow morning, they will have a 45 minute swimming lesson for the next 4 consecutive days.  They really enjoy swimming and are both starting to show some skill so I really want them to both be ready for the next stage come September when Bebe joins Lochie in the after-school club.  No harm in trying to put them both in the same slot and making it easy all round!

I start physio tomorrow night, and to say I have been in agony this week is no exaggeration.  The pain has moved from the left hand side of my back and is now just down my left leg, mostly in the form of pins and needles.  It almost feels like there is a tourniquet around my upper thigh stopping all circulation and the pain from imagined lack of blood is unbearable at times.  I know its just a trapped nerve, but unfortunately that doesn't make it any easier and my imagination runs away with me in the early hours of the morning when I can't sleep from the ache.  I image all sorts of silly things like amputation!!  I am so motivated to get back on form and stop being in pain, let alone back to training that this physio is not going to know whats hit them tomorrow night!  My friends have been so lovely this week, from help with the children, to flowers and chocolate and dinner being cooked, we have been spoilt.  Thank you, you know who you are x x
Millicent the Mouse
Millicent with matching cushion

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