Thursday, April 26, 2012

Years project end!

And what a relief too!!  At Beltane last year Lucy and I decided that swapping wreaths and hanging specific bunting would be a festive thing to do to share the changes of the seasons with our children.  One year on and I have completed 16 sets of Sabbat bunting, a set for us and a set for the Triffic Tippers.  Yay me!  Rather than getting my sewing machine out as the next Sabbat approaches, I can just reach into my box of tricks.  Phew!!

I am particularly pleased with Beltane, the last one in the set, because I ingeniously made the bias binding, or ribbon, specifically to go with the lettering.  After I had told Holly that 'Ribbon makes or breaks bunting' I then discovered that I didn't have quite the right stuff in my stash, and would either need to buy some or create some.  So I made some and it worked a million times better than I dared hope!

I cut lengths of fabric 1.5in wide and sewed them together to create one continuous long strip.  I then attached a nappy pin to my ironing board and fed the strip through it, to fold it, and pressed it with the iron as it fed through..

And very satisfying it was too! It was then good to attach to the bunting, and hey presto,  Beltane was done :-)  Its perhaps not the most relevant colouring for that particular festival, but I like the checks, they make me think of picnic blankets (the check is infact an upcycled old shirt of Pauls!) and the red flower fabric has a little shimmer that reminds me of blossom and camp fires.. and above all its my favorite bunting from the set because I made the ribbon.  Did I mention that already?!

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  1. Brilliant - what an achievement!! I think Samhain is my fave, because I am very much into orange at the mo'.